Generic task management?

Too many applications?

Complex content management?

Too complicated content sharing?

6 of the StoryDeck tools we designed to make creating a lot easier

StoryDeck All Your Content in One Place

All your content under one roof

Stop spreading your content across different software and instead store and archive your work in the one location. Find pieces using StoryDeck’s powerful search tool and have access to everything you need in a few clicks

StoryDeck Track Tasks Across All Projects

Trackable task management

When juggling multiple projects, task management can fall by the wayside. StoryDashboard allows creators to track changes and visualize all upcoming tasks, unfinished projects, and messages from collaborators

StoryDeck Simple Onboarding Process

Collaborating and sign-off made easy

Gone are the days of failed link shares and revised access permissions. Get input easily from sponsors, external editors, managers, proof-readers, or brand-partners using StoryDeck’s secured collaboration passes

StoryDeck Multi-User Text Editor

Multi-use text editor

Many hands make light work but managing them can be a task. StoryTrack allows you to track changes, add comments, mark text portions, and export or email finalized story

StoryDeck Timecode Video Reviews

Timecode video reviews

Keep feedback precise with StoryAid. Add timecodes metadata or comments on your video files. Tag editors and collaborators on specific frames for revisions or to catalogue content for archiving

StoryDeck Publish Traffic Driving Content

Publish traffic driving content

Need optimisation help? With StoryElite you can get your video transcribed, add descriptive timestamps, optimise keywords, and publish your content straight to YouTube

Plan and organise your stories,
all from one hub

  1. Never miss a deadline again even when handling multiple projects

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Whether you’re an individual or work as a team, StoryBoard feature enables you to plan your project from start to finish

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    Allocate and share tasks with collaborators and team members easily

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    Use StoryCalendar to prioritise your goals and visualise your creative process

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    Create your own Social Media Planning tool to help you create content more efficiently

Plan and Organize Story production

Working with contributors?
We can help you manage that

Plan and Organize Story production
  • Work transparently with contributors across every stage of your production

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    Upload video files without size limitation straight to StoryDeck and invite users to collaborate in your creative hub

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    Our live chat feature StoryChat enables you to send real-time messages to any collaborator at the click of a button

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    Maintain clarity on your project timeline by defining key production steps and deadlines

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    Manage brand partners, stake holders and outside editors effectively and transparently

Creating & Publishing Content to
YouTube Just Got Easier

  • Get more views, build engagement, and reach more people through optimising your content for YouTube

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    Save time and create accessible content with StoryDeck’s automatic transcription and caption feature

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    Make long-form content easy to navigate with timestamp detailing for your YouTube description

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    Customise your content with the thumbnail upload function

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    Reach new auidence. Identify and publish keywords that correlate to your content

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    Publish to YouTube straight from your StoryDeck workspace

Plan and Organize Story production